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CANCER CENTER at Doctors Hospital

Razia Sultana Memorial Cancer Center

We treat patients at our state of the art cancer center with special infusion suites for chemotherapy. Each suite is private, safe and comfortable. In each suite/Room there is comfortable sofa Bed or Special Chemotherapy Administration chair and all medical equipment required for safe and comfortable administration of chemotherapy.

Our staff is fully trained in preparation and administration of chemotherapy. We have chemotherapy trained nurses and pharmacist.

Our chemotherapy is prepared in specially built biologically safe , germ-free drug preparation hood, called biological Type 2 safety cabinet , as per international safety standards. This not only ensures that the patients receive chemo in safe manner but also that they receive the exact amount of chemotherapy as per international Cancer treatment guidelines like NCCN / ESMO GUIDELINES.

Our chemotherapy nurses are certified and trained to administer Chemotherapy. Special precautions are taken to administer chemotherapy. All patients are given medication before chemotherapy which reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. Once chemotherapy is finished, we prescribe medications for home .We recommend that patients follow our instructions to ensure safe chemotherapy experience.